Bizarre Bedfellows

The cause for canonisation of Pope Pius XII has been underway for the last twenty-five years but is now gathering steam as various apologists for this Pope and his role during World War II are popping up all over the place. Make no mistake, just as with the recent re-communication of the holocaust-denying Bishop of the Society of St Pius X, the cause for canonisation of Pope Pius XII is intended to provoke and distress the Jewish people, sanctimonious papal mouthings notwithstanding. [See The Holy Games : Jew-baiting]

There is a pattern to the canonisation effort and any cursory Google search will reveal that most apologists refer to the same set of statements by the same set of persons, including Jews, lauding Pope Pius XII's efforts to save other Jews from the Holocaust.

Two persons make regular appearances on the apologist show:


Gary Krupp is a Jewish-American gentleman from New York who runs the Pave the Way Foundation, an organisation which works to "promote dialogue between religions."

Last September, Mr. Krupp and the Vatican convened a conference in Rome featuring speakers who defended Pope Pius XII's wartime behaviour. According to the Jewish Daily Forward,  the conference was attacked by a variety of Jewish leaders, liberal Catholics and historians for its pro-Pius XII bent.

"This was a one-sided campaign rally rather than a serious intellectual inquiry," said Michael Marrus, a history professor at the University of Toronto who declined to attend.

Mr. Krupp is certainly an interesting personage who, strangely enough, is also a Papal Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great, an honour bestowed on him by Pope John Paul II in 2000.

GKrupp-B-16 kiss


A much-praised associate of Gary Krupp is a certain Michael Hesemann. Mr. Hesemann has been variously described as an "eminent German historian," a "cultural anthropologist,"  an "advisor of the Pave the Way Foundation," a "relic hunter," a "UFOlogist," a "respected religious scholar," a "Vatican insider," and an "accredited Holy See Press Officer."

According to a Catholic News Agency Report, Mr. Hesemann has been given access to that section of the Vatican Archives dealing with the papacy of Pope Pius XI, the immediate predecessor of Pius XII.

"Each time he [Hesemann] enters the archive," Krupp said, "he comes out with an "astounding" document about Pius XII fighting anti-Semitism or saving Jewish lives."

Mr. Hesemann has certainly written some "astounding" books:

  • The Cosmic Connection: Worldwide Crop Formations and ET Contacts
  • The Fatima Secret
  • UFOs: The Secret History
  • Beyond Roswell: The Alien Autopsy Film, Area 51, & the U.S. Government Coverup of UFOs
  • The First Pope [a work describing the "astounding" story of the discovery of Peter's tomb under St.Peter's Basilica]
  • Titulus Crucis [a work claiming authenticity for the relics of the cross of Christ kept in the Roman Basilica of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem]
  • The Pope Who Defied Hitler
  • The Truth About Pius XII

Produced some "astounding" films:

  • UFOs: the Secret Evidence
  • UFOs: Secrets of the Black World
  • Ships of Light: the Carlos Diaz UFO Experience

Made some "astounding" claims:

That warnings give to us by such Marian apparitions as the Lady of Fatima are similar to the warnings received from UFO visitors.

Maintains an "astounding" E-Bay site:

Items for sale include reliquaries containing "relics of the True Cross and the Twelve Apostles."


Truth is indeed stranger and more astounding than fiction, isn't it?

We will hear much more from Papal Knight Krupp and will also have the opportunity to study yet more fruits of relic-hunter Hesemann's "astounding" research as he now claims to have discovered the "Holy Grail" in Spain. He also will no doubt continue to favour us with his insights into yet more Christian Relics, the Lady of Fatima, Miracles, Crop Circles, Extraterrestrial Life, UFO's...

Top: Papal Knight Krupp receives a birthday kiss from Benedict XVI
Bottom: Michael Hesemann handing Benedict XVI the fruits of his latest research