The Wolff Pack : Part V

...continued from The Wolff Pack : Part IV

US Intelligence officials such as Allen Dulles feared that if Nazis such as Karl Wolff were ever brought to trial then not only would certain anti-Soviet features of Operation Sunrise come to the attention of various Allied governments but also the fact that the Allies policy of unconditional surrender had been deliberately violated.

Readers may have wondered why I have devoted so much time and space to SS General Karl Wolff and his connections with Intelligence organisations. A document presented by the Pave the Way Foundation as helping to exonerate the wartime role of Pope Pius XII provided us with an opportunity to look at a single character and his small niche within a vast web of interlocking components - the rise and fall of Mussolini, Hitler, Franco and other fascist regimes of the 20th century, the involvement of financial/military/industrial interests, ex-nazi and anti-communist groups, interconnected intelligence networks and, of course, the Vatican and its will to power.

In our study of 20th Century European Fascism, we will encounter these various components as their activities become vital to our story but, unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, to tell the whole tale would probably consume so much time that Doomsday may well intervene.

The Wolff Affidavit was posted on the Pave the Way Foundation website in order to 'prove' the existence of a plot by Hitler to kidnap Pope Pius XII.

We have seen that the content of the Wolff Affidavit is worthless. Asserting that it constitutes historical evidence, without conducting even the most perfunctory examination of its context, is evidence of only one thing - the existence of an agenda which, even if pursued for some well-intentioned purpose, distorts historical truth and is doomed to certain failure...that is of course if you believe in the existence YHVH, the God of justice and truth. And we all know about the paving stones to hell...

A deadly trinity
In closing, I will just point out that almost the entire 20th Century could be characterised as one in which there existed a 'wolf pack' which hunted down a particular prey. The radical and seemingly exclusive poltical, philosphical and religious differences between the pack were swamped and overcome by a singular unity -  an all-encompassing need to utterly destroy Communism, both root and branch. The 'wolf pack' was composed of men like Adolf Hitler who consumed countless numbers of victims, and men like Pope Pius XII who sat on his throne and watched, and men like Allen Dulles who snatched such men as SS General Karl Wolff from the jaws of justice.