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The Wolff Affidavit

The following excerpt is from the English translation of this undated 'affidavit' entitled 'English Translation for the General Wolff Affidavit - Courtesy Michael Hesemann, which will be found here on the Pave the Way Foundation website Documents Page.

Protocol of my meetings with Adolf Hitler
September – December 1943 and his order to
Occupy the Vatican and to kidnap Pope Pius XII 
Translation by Michael Hesemann, PTWF Advisor in Germany
[English spelling corrected by me]

"When I passed the border at the Brenner on Sep. 9, 1943, I had received general instructions about the organisation of my offices in Italy and the order to personally report to Hitler at the earliest date, but no order about a possible action against the Vatican..."

When 2-3 days later, after a night flight from Italy to (the Führerheadquarter in) East Prussia, I first reported to (Reichsführer SS) Himmler, he revealed to me that Hitler wanted to meet me urgently to give me a personal order for an important secret mission, namely the occupation of the Vatican and the removal of Pope Pius XII to Germany or Liechtenstein..."

"...(Hitler): I want that you with your troops as part of the German counter measures against this incredible “Badoglio Treason” as soon as possible occupy the Vatican and the Vatican City, secure the unique archives and art treasures of the Vatican and bring the Pope (Pius XII), together with the Curia, “for his protection” to the North, that he cannot fall into allied hands or get under their pressure and influence. Depending on the political and military situation, I will accommodate the Pope if possible in Germany or in the neutral Liechtenstein. "

In 1997, David J. Alvarez and Father Robert A. Graham SJ collaborated in the authoring of a work entitled Nothing Sacred: Nazi Espionage Against the Vatican, 1939-1945 (Cass Series : Studies in Intelligence).*

Let us look at what the authors have to say about the 'plot to kidnap the Pope' [or indeed 'kill' the Pope according to Avennire, the newspaper of the Italian bishops.] Keep in mind that Father Graham was one of the staunchest defenders of Pope Pius XII against accusations of his indifference towards the fate of Jews in World War II.

From page 80 onwards, the authors recount the abundant rumours  circulating about the possible removal of the Pope from Vatican City. On page 86, the authors then analyse these rumours:

"With so much smoke in the air, one may be forgiven for assuming that somewhere in those clouds there must be a fire. Unfortunately, while the presence of smoke has often been noted, the actual flames have eluded discovery. Historians have yet to uncover a single piece of contemporary evidence indicating that Hitler, Himmler, Bormann, or any other authority had any serious intention, let alone plan, to invade Vatican City and carry off Pope Pius XII.

"As for all the smoke, the recollections are post-war and suspiciously self-serving: the rumours and warnings second-or-third hand; the alleged plans and concentrations of forces undocumented.

"The few bits of credible evidence that do exist suggest that, in fact, there was no plan to move against the Pope. Written within a day or two of the events they describe, Goebbels' diary entries are probably more credible than memoirs composed after the war.

"The diary indicates Hitler's belief the Pius had been involved in the fall of Mussolini, news of which reached the Fuhrer's headquarters on 27 July, and that in a typical fit of rage his reaction was to seize ALL of Italy including the Vatican.

"The diary, however, also clearly indicates that once his temper had cooled, Hitler conceded the impracticality of an operation against the Pope and agreed with his advisers that the Vatican be exempted from any measures planned against Rome."

Indeed, the authors go so far as to suggest that agents of the Allied powers planted these false rumours as a means of creating divisions between the Vatican and the Nazi hierarchy. Of course, one must ask the question - why did the Allies believe that they needed to create divisions between the two at all?

As I pointed out to Gary Krupp in the comments section of An Exchange with Gary Krupp, the unquestioning acceptance of Wolff's affidavit, which we now see has zero credibility, implies a readiness on the part of The Pave the Way Foundation to accept other statements, the credibility of which may be similarly compromised.

I also pointed out to Mister Krupp that attempts to demonstrate that Pope Pius XII was against Hitler and Nazism are simply red herrings which serve to conceal the Pope's real concern which was to bolster and advocate a strong Christian Germany as the only possible bulwark against godless Bolshevism. Hitler and Nazism were merely incidental elements which could be embraced or rejected at will.

The principal reason for my focus on the case of SS General Karl Wolff is not the single strand of his affidavit and the use to which it has been put by apologists for Pope Pius XII, which is really only a sideshow, but on Wolff himself and what his story reveals about the complex web of intrigue that characterised most of 20th Century Religious and Political history.

to be continued...

* Nothing Sacred: Nazi Espionage Against the Vatican, 1939-1945 (Cass Series : Studies in Intelligence)
David J. Alvarez, Father Robert A. Graham SJ, Routledge 1997.


Meredith Krupp

Reading your blog MS. Holliday, I am forced to site these two brilliant observations.

First a quote from the famous American writer Mark Twain: “ If you don’t read newspapers, you are uninformed, If you do read newspaper you are misinformed.”

Second Steven Brill said,” When it comes to arrogance, power and lack of accountability, journalist are probably the only people on the planet who make lawyers look good.”

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