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The Wolff Pack : Part II

The Wolff Pack : Part I

As I promised in my previous post, An Exchange with Gary Krupp, we will see how much credibility is to be given to SS General Karl Wolff's afffidavit asserting that there existed a plot by Hitler to kidnap Pope Pius XII.

[Here is an English translation of this affidavit 'The affidavit of General Karl Wolff, German commander in Italy, testifying of the plan he was ordered  to  develop, by Hitler,  to kidnap Pope Pius XII which can be found on The Pave the Way Foundation Website Documents page.]

SS Obergruppenfuhrer Karl Wolff, Heinrich Himmler's one-time chief of staff, was Higher SS and Police Leader in Italy when he negotiated the early secret surrender of a million German and Italian Fascist soldiers with the US Office of Strategic Services Swiss agent Allen Dulles. These secret negotiations and eventual surrender on 2 May 1945 became known as 'Operation Sunrise.'

After the War, Allen Dulles carefully presented to the world a picture of Wolff as an idealistic soldier who risked his life to spare thousands of combat-related deaths in Northern Italy while at the same time presenting himself as skilfully bringing the negotiations to fruition.

'Operation Sunrise' secured the future of both Dulles and Wolff. Dulles because he was later appointed CIA head under the Eisenhower Administration, and Wolff because he did not have to face trial at Nuremberg despite overwhelming evidence of his complicity in the Holocaust.

In a review of Michael Salter's work Nazi War Crimes: Intelligence Agencies and Selective Legal Accountability, Norman J. Goda of the Department of History at Ohio University had this to say:

"The mysteries concern what Dulles really knew about Wolff and the degree to which Wolff and his subordinates were promised and then given legal immunity from prosecution. Earlier literature has shown that Dulles was fully aware of the scale of German atrocities even as he took up residence in Bern. Salter shows that Dulles was likely aware as early as 1944 of Wolff's complicity in the deportation of Italian Jews, to say nothing of postwar dossiers assembled on Wolff that linked Wolff to altitude experiments on Dachau inmates; contracting with German firms for slave laborers; Order Police shootings of Jews; the deportation of three hundred thousand Jews to Treblinka; bloody reprisals against more than nine thousand Italian civilians, and many more war crimes. Many of the documents in question were used at the Trial of the Major War Criminals itself."

to be continued...


Meredith Krupp

I am truly fascinated watching an historical revisionist at work. Contrary to your implications, General Karl Wolff was in fact imprisoned in 1945. I fail to see what Allen Dulles has to do with the plot to kidnap the Pope. Your attempt to force your square peg theories into the round hole of reality, quite eloquently I might add, is impressive. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might wish to capitalize on your considerable revisionist talents in helping him with his quest to prove the Holocaust never really happened.

Former Washington Post correspondent and journalist Dan Kurzman, who is Jewish by the way, met with and interviewed General Karl Wolff. Dan recently wrote the book: A Secret Mission – Hitler’s Secret Plan to Seize the Vatican and Kidnap Pope Pius XII, detailing the kidnapping plot. We also know that Pope Pius XII knew of this plan because on September 6, 1943, Pius XII called the Cardinals together to tell them that he would be kidnapped at any time and that there was a letter of resignation in his desk. He instructed the Cardinals that upon the invasion of Vatican territory, the Cardinals where to immediately leave Rome and travel to a neutral country (probably Portugal) where they were to elect a new Pope. He stated that the Germans will not remove Pope Pius XII they will drag Eugenio Pacelli out of the Vatican. We know the minutes of this meeting in fact exist, but are yet not available for publication because it is in the sealed section of the Vatican Archives for now.

Speaking of the Vatcan Secret Archives, Pope Benedict XVI has ordered the acceleration of the cataloging process in the archives of Pope Pius XII and the war years, and so soon thousands of other revealing documents will be available for study.

There is no reason, however to believe that you, or your any of your historical revisionist friends, will actually go to the archives to study these, since literally no one has come to study the open sections up to 1939 (the Papacy of Pope Pius XI).

This revealing section was ordered opened by Pope Benedict XVI three years ago (he waived the normal 70 year rule in order open this section as soon as possible). It is during this period that 2/3’s of the lifetime ministry of Eugenio Pacelli (Pope Pius XII) is available for worldwide study.

If you do wish to go to Rome to study these documents I should inform you that you must be fluent in Italian, German and French if you really want to be a credible historical commentator on the archive contents and the history that they memorialize.

BTW, your site has blocked me from commenting, so my remarks are in my wife's name.

Vynette Holliday

Mr. Krupp,

This blog has existed for over three years and in all that time I have never blocked a single individual from commenting.

Comments are set to be posted automatically. The only comments I have ever subsequently removed are those of a blatantly commercial or obscene nature.

If your comment did not get posted, then it is a system fault. It was certainly not deliberate. On the contrary, I welcome your input.

As to Karl Wolff, the issue is not whether there existed at some point a plan to remove the Pope, the Cardinals, and especially the Vatican treasures from the dangers of Allied bombing.

The issue which I intend to demonstrate in the next three or four posts is the danger of accepting, unquestioned, a statement from a man such as Karl Wolff whose credibility is severely compromised.

Such unquestioning acceptance of contextless statements implies a readiness to accept other statements, the credibility of which may be similarly compromised.

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