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July 19, 2009


Gary Krupp

Dear MS. Holliday,
Thanks you for your most eloquent comments. Since I am neither an historian nor a scholar I must unfortunately rely on documented facts and eye witness interviews to form my opinions. As an historical revisionist you are of course free to fabricate any scenario you wish to prove your point. I must caution you that some of your readers might actually examine all of evidence available and not rely on your articulate commentary to form their opinion.

Pave the Way has now moved on to other projects of extreme importance. We are currently in the process of turning this documentation over to Yad Vashem and other legitimate scholars.

Unfortunately, since we only devote time to accomplish concrete action rather than simply sitting at a computer and writing, I cannot debate this entire issue with you, or with any of your historical co-revisionists. I do, however, encourage you, and your readers, to simply download the book of documents on our website. This PDF is over 71 MB and will take some time to download. Once you have had the opportunity to read all 255 pages we can then put you in touch with legitimate historians and experts to respond to your questions unfortunately there is nothing I can do about your unrelated character attacks.

FYI, Michael Hesemann was given the job as the science editor of his university magazine in his first year of school and was asked to publish stories about the Russian cosmonaut space sightings. His book was a best seller in Germany and was then asked to write others. One book debunked the Roswell theories. As a young student Michael followed the money in this area just like Hochhuth, John Cornwell, Zuccotti, Goldhagen and the others.

The book can be downloaded at:


If you examined all our projects, which we have successfully completed, you will note that they all are attempting to improve relations between the faiths by either identifying obstacles and moving to resolve them or by initiating historical gestures to “pave the way” to return gestures. Unfortunately when your mission is to create controversy and discord you will naturally oppose what we do.

We are now working very hard on bringing the religious leaders of the Holy Land to come together to condemn the use of religion to justify violence. I think you will see that my time is better spent on this work, which may actually impact your life and the lives of your family. So I am sorry to say that I will not debate this with you we simply do not have time to waste by “talking the talk” but we must concentrate our efforts on “walking the walk.”

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