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March 22, 2009



I think the doctrine of the Infallibility of the Pope is a con perpetrated on gullible Catholics. It is just the old doctrine of the Divine Right of Kings dressed up to suit the particular circumstances that the Pope found himself in.
This extract from Wikipedia puts it in context.
"The Divine Right of Kings is a political and religious doctrine of royal absolutism. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving his right to rule directly from the will of God. The king is thus not subject to the will of his people, the aristocracy, or any other estate of the realm, including the church. The doctrine implies that any attempt to depose the king or to restrict his powers runs contrary to the will of God and may constitute heresy."
Most of the civilised world woke up to the self-serving nature of this doctrine when used by the Kings of Europe. That the Pope should have resurrected it for his own aggrandizement is a scandal.


As I was looking at Wikipedia, I noticed that the 23rd March was the anniversary of the signing of the Enabling Act in 1933 allowing Hitler to rule by decree without the Reichtag ie Dictator.
This wonderfull piece of legislation was bought to the German people courtesy of the Vatican thru the future Pius XII.
As a quid pro quo for the signing of a Concordat with Nazi Germany, the German Centre (Catholic) Party, headed by a priest, was ordered to support the legislation. The rest is history!

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