Rome and Fascism : Introduction
"Honest Abe" and the Vatican : Part II

"Honest Abe" and the Vatican

...continued from Rome and Fascism : An Introduction

As regular readers know, we began our series on the relationship between the Vatican and 20th century European Fascism with the previous post. The next post in the series, this one, was supposed to prepare the ground by providing readers with the necessary 19th century Italian historical circumstances and pressures which culminated in the signing of the 1929 Lateran Treaties.

But, I was diverted by the discovery that:

 "the Bishop of Wilmington, Delaware, has issued a pastoral letter noting the 200th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's birth, saying the president's writings and speeches contain "some of the most profound thinking relating to religion" produced in American history."

Something disturbing began tugging at my memory - something about Lincoln's assassination.

So, I followed my instincts and allowed myself to wander off-subject and do just a little more research along a completely different track...or so I thought.

Much to my literally drop-jawed astonishment, I discovered that there was a singularity, a point at which these two parallel lines of research met - between the assassination of Lincoln and the 19th century Italian historical background I was preparing for my readers.

What on earth or in heaven could this possibly be, I hear you ask?

Surrat as papal zouave

Well, as I've only just discovered it myself, I must beg the indulgence of my readers while I prepare a post. Just to whet appetites in the meantime, here's a US Library of Congress photo of a certain person connected with the assassination, wearing a certain uniform...


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