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In his book, A MORAL RECKONING: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and Its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair,* Daniel Goldhagen provides us with a concise yet comprehensive picture of the Holy See's unwavering religious and political enmity towards the Jews. An excerpt from pages 239-240 of his book is repeated here verbatim.

"In 1948 the Catholic Church refused to recognize the founding of the State of Israel...

"The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Merry del Val, cited the Church's "highest principles" in rebuffing (Jewish pleas), and explicitly denied the right of Jews to remain Jews: "I do not quite see how we can take any initiative in this matter.  As long as the Jews deny the divinity of Christ, we certainly cannot make a declaration in their favor.  Not that we have any ill will toward them. . .  The history of Israel is our own heritage, it is our foundation.  But in order for us to come out for the Jewish people in the way you desire, they would first have to be converted...

"When the State of Israel was declared in May 1948, L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican's newspaper, reflecting the Church's unabated eliminationist spirit, imperiously announced to the world, including to the remnants of the slaughtered Jewish communities of Europe seeking a safe home: "Modern Israel is not the true heir of Biblical Israel, but a secular state. . .  Therefore the Holy Land and its sacred sites belong to Christianity, the True Israel." 

"For decades the Vatican would not even utter the country's name.  In 1964 Pope Paul VI spent a day in Jerusalem refusing to let the word "Israel" pass his lips.  During the decades after Israel's founding, the Church did recognize virtually every other country in the world, one tyranny after another, including atheistic Communist states and many mass-murdering regimes, for example, in Central and South America during the 1970's and I980's. But not the political state of the Jews.

"The same Church that signed the Concordat with Hitler, granting Nazi Germany international legitimacy, withheld international legitimacy from the country that became the home of the survivors of Europe's broken Jewish communities.  With every passing year of its nonrecognition, the Church again singled out the Jews as pariahs - this time as a political community.

"All the Church's justifications for its injurious stance toward the political home of the Jews cannot hide the simple fact that the Church's politics of its own supremacy over Judaism, its supersessionism, its antisemitism, and its theology derived from Augustine - that Jews were exiled from their land and condemned to wander the world forever because of their rejection of the divinity of Jesus-trumped the most basic needs of the Jews, and the moral necessity of treating them with the same respect, and of according to them the same political rights that the Church does to other peoples.

"The Church's multifarious offenses leading up to the Holocaust and during the mass murder itself did not in 1948 and for decades thereafter temper the Church's supersessionist hostility to Jews.  Instead of being at the forefront of protecting the political rights of Jews, as its obligation of political restitution requires, the laggard Church, was still, almost fifty years after the Holocaust, denying the Jews their right to political security. By the early 1990's the Church's continuing denial of the legitimacy of Israel, of the right of Jews, alone among the nations, to have a country of their own, became too embarrassing and too great a political liability for the Church, as the former Communist countries resumed diplomatic relations, and India, China, Arab countries, and others recognized Israel.

"This left the Vatican "in a tiny minority of the most irreconcilable enemies of Israel the lone Christian voice in a Muslim chorus."  So the Church agreed at the end of 1993 to recognize Israel, which was not formalized until late 1994 when ambassadors were exchanged.''

Daniel Goldhagen's final paragraph refers to the 1993 Fundamental Agreement between Israel and the Holy See and, as we know well, the Holy See has continually violated its terms thus indicating that its hostility towards the Jews and the State of Israel continues to this day. The Jews cannot own the 'Holy Places:' They belong by right to the Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church will have them no matter the cost. 

*Daniel Jonah Goldhagen. A MORAL RECKONING: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and Its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair, Knopf, New York, 2002, pp239-240.


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