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January 31, 2009



I had a quick look at my "History of the Popes", all kosher with its nihil obstat and imprimatur.
Pius X was the Pope who lost France. The Church had steadfastly refused to recognise the new French Republic so in the end the Church became disestablished. Probably accounts for the French origins of the Society of St Pius X(SSPX).
Pius X also launched one of the biggest witch-hunts of modern times within the Catholic Church called Anti-Modernism. Periodicals were suppressed, teachers were suspended, books put on the Index, and "suspects" were ordered to Rome to defend themselves against charges of sympathy with Modernism.
An anti-Modernist Oath was introduced in 1910 to be taken by all engaged in teaching theology.
Ironic that Bennedict XVI who was once a theologian should restore such a Society given that it was a namesake, Benedict XV, who put an end to the "energetic measures" of anti-Modernism!

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