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The Beast of Revelation

The interpretation of Revelation Chapters 12 through 18 hinges on the correct identification of two main opponents.

These are:

  • a woman arrayed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars;

  • a harlot with 'Bablyon the Great' written on her forehead, carried by a scarlet-coloured beast.

This identification is not as complex as one might think. The woman 'arrayed with the sun' is the nation of Israel. In Genesis 37:9-10, the twelve tribes of Israel are described with exactly the same symbols. (Jews represent only 2 of these 12 tribes - the other 10 were not in Judea, Samaria or Galilee when Revelation was written.)

The 'scarlet beast' of Revelation is what may be described as 'Latinism' -  a state modelled in its constitution and administrative system upon the Imperial Latin State, with its own legal system and courts, and maintaining (until recently) its services, records and literature in the official language of the imperial model. (The Holy Roman Empire was a classic re-vivification of the Latin world-empire of the Caesars).

In Revelation Chapters 12-18, this 'beast' of Latinism is characterised as:

  • an authoritarian mentality based on a master-slave relationship;

  • with as many faces as are necessary to achieve its purpose;

  • which always insists on the principle of compulsive power as the final (if not first) resort in religious and secular fields of life;

  • relentlessly endeavouring to impose its own image on the world;

  • subscribing traditionally to universal rule;

  • and the uniting of mankind in one world-embracing state;

  • by whatever machinery is necessary;

  • be it the pagan state or the church state;

  • and using as its instruments its military or religious leaders.

According to Revelation:

  • the policy of the 'beast' is to oppose Israel and Israel's Messiah;

  • the 'beast' has an administrative arm;

  • the administrative arm is described as a religious organisation and a 'harlot;'

  • this religious organisation has arrogated to itself the role properly belonging to 12-tribed Israel.

Readers - judge for yourselves! But...need you be reminded that although "an authoritarian mentality based on a master-slave relationship" may be typified by one particular religion, it is by no means confined therein.


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