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Cardinal William Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, opened the Synod with a welcome to the 253 Synodal Fathers, representatives of Eastern Catholic Churches, Episcopal Conferences, Dicasteries of the Roman Curia, various "experts" and sundry other religious with a Latin-language address in which he stated that:

"As the dogmatic constitution 'Dei Verbum' reminds us, there exists an indissoluble unity between sacred Scripture and Tradition since both flow from the same source...only the living ecclesial tradition allows sacred Scripture to be understood as the authentic word of God that acts as guide, rule and law for the life of the Church and the spiritual growth of believers.

"This involves the rejection of any interpretation that is subjective or purely experiential or the fruit of a unilateral analysis, incapable of embracing the global sense that has guided the Tradition of the whole of God's people down through the centuries."

It is in this context, the cardinal said, that the "necessity and responsibility of the magisterium are born."

"And we individual bishops too know well how great our individual responsibilities are as legitimate successors of the apostles and what is expected of us by today's society to which we are duty-bound to transmit the truth that we, in turn, have received," he added.

"As we begin the work of this synodal assembly, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, let us turn our gaze to Christ, the light of the world and our only teacher..."

In just a few words, Cardinal Levada has managed to say much. His statements -

  • That the Bible and Roman Catholic Tradition "flow from the same source;"

  • That the "whole of God's people" have been guided by the Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church;

  • Ergo, that Roman Catholics constitute the "whole of God's People;"
  • That the Roman Bishops are the legitimate successors of the apostles and recipients and purveyors of their "truth;"

  • That any "interpretation" of the Bible made without reference to Roman Catholic Tradition must be rejected;

are typical of Rome's self-righteous arrogance, her patronising high-mindedness, her demonstrably unhistorical lies, and her unchanging, unceasing, authoritarian mentality.

stay tuned for more Synod stuff...


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