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The Roman Word : Part I

Currently underway in the Vatican from 5-26 October is the XII Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops convened by Pope Benedict XVI. The assembly is reflecting upon "The Word of God in the Life and the Mission of the Church".

It is divinely ironic that that the entities invoked by the Vatican in its following prayer for the success of a Synod supposedly devoted to the Word of God are non-Israelite, non-Christian, non-biblical, and non-existent concepts. The Synod is In fact studying the Word of Rome; that collection of pious fictions developed in the overheated imaginations of Latin and Hellenist Church Fathers:

"Lord Jesus Christ, whom the Father has commanded us to listen as his beloved Son, shed your light upon your Church, so that she might have nothing more holy than to listen to your voice and follow you. You are the Supreme Shepherd and Ruler of Souls. Look then upon the Pastors of your Church gathered in these days with the Successor of St. Peter in synod assembly. We implore you to sanctify them in truth and confirm them in faith and love.

"Lord Jesus Christ, send forth your Spirit of love and truth on the bishops in synod and on all who assist them in fulfilling their task. Make them more faithful to what the Spirit is saying to the Churches; stir their souls and teach them truth by that same Holy Spirit. Through their work, may the faithful of their Churches be purified and strengthened in spirit, so that they might greater follow the Gospel through which you accomplished salvation and they might make of themselves a living offering to the heavenly Father.

"May Mary, the Most Holy Mother of God and Mother of the Church, assist the Bishops in these days, as she assisted the Apostles in the Upper Room, and intercede with motherly affection to foster brotherly communion among them, to allow them to rejoice in prosperity and peace in the calmness of these days, and, in reading the signs of the times, to celebrate the majesty of the merciful God, the Lord of History, to the praise and glory of the Most Blessed Trinity, Father Son and Holy Spirit. Amen."

Demonstrably unscriptural doctrines are found within the Vatican's prayer:

The Blessed Trinity;
The concept that Mary is the Mother of God (Theotokos);
The concept that Mary is the Mother of the Roman Church;
That Jesus is the Supreme Shepherd and Ruler of Souls;

as well as assertions for which there is no evidence whatsoever:

That the Bishop of Rome is the successor of the apostle Peter;
That Rome is the Church founded by Jesus of Nazareth.

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