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January 07, 2008



Vynette has presented some interesting models.
The model of the Graeco/Roman world as multi-cultural and multi-theistic is unremarkable.
The mechanism whereby this world transformed the Christian message into one of its own making is called projection, whereby one sees external objects from the view of ones own beliefs, prejudices and values. One then internalises these transformed objects and they then become part of ones belief system. This is what the Hellenistic world did to the new testament.
The other model Vynette presents us with is the Utopian model of the Internet. It will free us from ignorance and prejudice. This is reminiscent of the hopes of the library movement. High hopes were held for the transforming effects of libraries. The model postulated that if one were to lock up a group of monkeys in a library then over a period of time we should see some "improvement". Presumably they would be in a room adjacent to the monkeys banging away on typewriters who would eventually produce the Works of Shakespeare.
I fear the Internet will go the way of libraries. It is already being subverted by those seeking to make it a medium for entertainment. The established media are moving in to maintain their monopoly on opinion. Without the development of a critical faculty facts whether in libraries or on the Internet are of little value. Narcissistic self expression and opinion, much of it ill informed and echoing the monopoly media, crowds out argument.
As one commentator about the Internet put it -"The Internet has become an echo chamber, a place we seek which mirrors our views." As good a pair of blinkers as one can get.
We need that little boy who cried out "But the Emperor has no clothes!".
He is few and far between, your blog being one of the few.

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