Indulgences Part VIII : The Holy Rosary
Apostolic Succession : Peter and Rome

Apostolic Succession: Prologue

On January 18,  Pope Benedict XVI addressed members of the Finnish Catholic-Lutheran Pilgrimage to Rome. In his address Prayer is Royal Door to Ecumenism the Pope repeated the bogus claim that Peter founded the Church of Rome.

"Dear is my fervent hope that your visit to Rome will bring you much joy as you recall the witness of the first Christians, and particularly the martyrdom of Peter and Paul, the founding apostles of the Church of Rome."

After nearly two thousand years, it's time - more than time for Rome's claims of Apostolic Succession through Peter to be subjected to that particularly harsh light of historical enquiry free from the clouds of sanctity and incense that have hitherto successfully repelled territorial invaders.

In the next post of our new series we shall examine what Catholics believe about Peter, Rome, and Papal Primacy. Stay tuned...


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