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December 03, 2007



hey gms im rob an israelite servent and fellow slave to jesus son of the most high, i've ben listenin to u brothas on utube lately, and man i got to tell u, i've ben lookin 4 u brothas 4 a long time, i've known that the religious christian faith has been misleadin the people 4 a long time, i always known somthin was really wrong with the church, no 1 reads there bible anymore nor does any1 care to take time to here the real true straight from the bible, the people are cattle going to slaughter by the word of there silly ass pasters, that care not to know any more truth than he is teaching his cows, and when i say cows i speak 4 the men as well, cuz any bulls in the church would have the ball the stand up 4 the real truth, the bible, well let me better introduce myself, as i said im rob i live in Detroit, im a sinner lier i have commeted adultry, forinaction, porn and i paid for aboritions, and i even merried 1 of those devils,got 3 kids by her, with all my sins i know im up 4 death, thats why im ready to die 4 this, im ready to do what it takes to spread this word, this truth, the most high is pissed at all these edomites faggets destroying the earth, our silly simple heddy woman, cant forget our ignornt israelite men, man i sure did find out the hard way its there world 'white' (4 now), and there god has control of it, as u can c it took a lilbit but im fully awake, im ready 4 the fight, and everytime some1 laughs or gets afended at the truth, i just get that much stronger, so far i dont know any1 else in the D that cares about the truth im all alone out here, if u fellas find any israelites around my way reffer them to me please, I NEED SUPPORT out this way rob. "god bless"


Cool people they are

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