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September 10, 2007



Good stuff. I have really been enjoying browsing through your past posts, and now keeping up with the new ones.

After growing up and spending the past 30 plus years in Charismatic and Pentecostal churches I have come to the conclusion that the teachings of these groups are blatantly ineffectual and generally misleading. Only thing is...I don't even know quite what to believe anymore. I find your commentary very insightful, and even hope perhaps that it may help lead me back to a place of informed faith. I am also digging back into my old favorite, C.S. Lewis and farther back into the works of George MacDonald. Even though their understanding may not have been perfect, I am almost certain that these and others had a genuine revelation of God and spiritual reality above and beyond the dry dogma of Christian religion.


Thanks for your comment Jacob. I see you and I have similar goals - mine being a fully-informed faith based on sure and permanent foundations. Such a goal is attainable. After all, it is only doctrinal Christianity, which is centred around the personality cult of 'Jesus Christ' rather than the teachings of the Hebrew Jesus of Nazareth, that make the terms 'faith' and 'reason' mutually exclusive.

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