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The Ten Teachings

A Few Fundamentals

The New Testament authors testified that Jesus of Nazareth was the long-awaited Israelite Messiah who had been chosen by YHWH as an instrument of intervention in worldly affairs.

The only "doctrine" preached by this Israelite Messiah and his disciples was love. Not a weak, sentimental love but that which speaks of a strength and depth of character whereby it is possible to "love your enemies." Because love is basically spiritual, of greater depth than words, it permits of no doctrinalisation. Love is a drawing power. If it is to be reciprocated, it can never be coerced.

Christianity's doctrines, however, are the very antithesis of the teachings of the New Testament being, as they are, based upon coercion! Instead of living in one bondage of love with Jesus, countless multitudes of Christians have lived and died in bondage to the fear of everlasting damnation, not realising that the doctrines they were required to believe insidiously inverted the simple and pure message of the New Testament.

At no time was it ever perceived necessary for the Israelite Messiah to be other than a normal man "born of the seed of David according to the flesh." To claim "divinity" for Jesus because he performed miracles, raised the dead, and forgave sins, is to overlook the fact that the Bible ascribes these feats to others as well as he. More importantly, it negates the entire purpose of the New Testament - if Jesus was more than a normal man, he cannot serve as an ethical and moral example for humanity since he possessed from the very beginning a character more in conformity with the divine will.

Through their false doctrines, the leaders of organisational Christianity have achieved, on an intellectual level, what their predecessor priests in Jerusalem had hoped to achieve on a physical level, that is - the complete destruction of the man Jesus of Nazareth and the principles for which he lived and died.

Life in the Age to Coe is to be found in spirit, not doctrines. Jesus' true message, unfettered by doctrines, brings hope and a sense of human dignity to the despised and rejected of the Earth. The New Testament writers enumerate principles to follow in order that Christians living many centuries later may become 'one' with Jesus. Where John preached the gospel of love, Paul announced redemption by a inner and spiritual identification with Jesus, with a self-imposed crucifixion and resurrection.

Church doctrines can deliver no such message. If Jesus of Nazareth walked the earth and preached the same message today, he would be unidentifiable in terms of the Virgin Birth, the Miraculous Incarnation and the Trinity. Perhaps he would again be branded a "heretic," a "blasphemer," a "companion of undesirables" or a "malcontent."

Of one thing we could be absolutely certain: a large body of so-called Christians would be in the forefront of those shouting "away with him."



This has put the matter clearly, succinctly and without equivocation.
Vynette has certainly "thrown down the Gauntlet" to the leaders of organisational Christianity.
I wonder if they are up to the challenge?

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