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Crossing the Tiber

In Vale the Reformation, I referred to The Holy See and the Holy Places post of 20 Jan 2007, where I stated in a footnote that:

"... we have only to consider the Vatican's spearheading of the ecumenical movement, the aims of which were, ostensibly, the promotion of worldwide unity among religions through greater cooperation and improved understanding."

I also made the following statement:

"Unlike Eastern Christendom, the Western denominations seemed oblivious to the fact that the Vatican, in all its long history, had never willingly ceded one scrap of authority or power. Only now, 42 years after Unitatis Redintegratio, and with the advantage of hindsight, can we see the results of this brilliantly designed and orchestrated ecumenical campaign - the Pope is publicly hailed as the single 'voice' of Christianity while all around his throne lie the bloodied remnants of the Reformation."

The latest Curial document issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and ratified by Benedict XVI now confirms the original intent of the ecumenical campaign - an intent all too obvious to those who study the power strategies of the Vatican.

There is an ever-increasing clamour from an ever-increasing number of sources for Protestants to "cross the Tiber" and re-unite with Rome. This pressure is based solely on Rome's claim of Apostolic Sucession through the Apostle Peter so it is now vital to expose this claim as false.  Stay tuned...


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