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Jerusalem : The Jewel in the Tiara

In The Holy See and the Holy Places, I stated that the Vatican’s calculated violations of the 1993 Fundamental Agreement between Israel and the Holy See provided an excellent illustration of their time-honoured tactics. What I neglected to add was that they also reflected the Vatican's particular and continuing enmity towards the Jews.

In the Vatican's latest cunningly-worded statement we once again see the "lack of progress" towards a comprehensive agreement blamed on the Israeli's when, in reality, the on-going impediments are Israel's knowledge of the Grand Plan and the Vatican's duplicitous and inflammatory conduct. (See The Holy See and the Holy Places)

Holy See-Israel Dialogue to Resume
Focusing on Juridical and Financial Questions

VATICAN CITY, MAY 18, 2007 ( For the first time in five years, those responsible for negotiations between the Holy See and Israel will meet after Israeli representatives cancelled a March meeting at the last minute.

The meeting is planned for Monday in the Vatican, and will take place during the plenary session of the Bilateral Permanent Working Commission between the Holy See and the state of Israel, an organization that last met in 2002, reported Thursday.

The Holy See's delegation will be headed by Monsignor Pietro Parolin, undersecretary for the Vatican Secretariat of State's Section for Relations with States, according to Vatican Radio.

The meeting will address negotiations on the "comprehensive agreement." Discussions will include the security of the Church's religious properties in Israel and the confirmation of historical tax exemptions, which the Church had at the time of Israel's establishment and that the United Nations ruled Israel must uphold.

This "comprehensive agreement" was mandated by the Fundamental Agreement, which Israel and the Holy See signed in 1993. Despite this agreement, negotiations since 1999 have had little progress.

"Writing a treaty of such complexity is a labor-intensive task, and, more than anything else, it requires time," Father David Jaeger, an expert in Israel-Holy See relations, told AsiaNews.

"There is no objective reason why the talks should not succeed," Father Jaeger added. "The Church is simply expecting further formal recognition of rights it has already acquired, as well as some fundamental guarantees for the legal security of her sacred places.

"It should cost Israel nothing to agree to this, and it would also be in accordance with public promises that Israel has made many times over the decades."

The deliberately deceptive statement that the Church is "simply expecting further formal recognition of rights..." is designed for public consumption only. This "formal recognition of rights..." is merely laying the necessary groundwork for the campaign to establish her grand and visionary Plan for Jerusalem. Once these initial rights are granted, she will immediately demand more... and more...

Israel, surrounded by enemies, cannot publicly criticise the Vatican's bullying and manipulative tactics. The enormous influence and power wielded by the Vatican means that the Israeli's are lined up like ducks in a shooting gallery - and both parties know it. The most that can be achieved by Israel is to delay the realisation of the Vatican's Grand Plan.

And what is this Grand Plan?

It is a legally enforceable, internationally mandated, religious status for the city of Jerusalem, which will of course require the oversight of a religious institution, which will of course be none other than the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church - the realisation of the dream of centuries and the crowning jewel in the tiara.

In the Vatican's pursuit of Jerusalem, as I stated in The Holy See and the Holy Places, "we see encapsulated the timeless animating principles of the Vatican’s will to power :  there is no deception she will not entertain, there is no hypocrisy she will not tolerate, there is no calculated lie she will not tell, there is no pledge she will not break, and there is no friend she will not betray..."


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