The Heretical Mystic
Trinity on Trial : Act II

Trinity on Trial : Act I

Before proceeding with a point-by-point analysis of the unbiblical doctrine of the Trinity, the following truly biblical teachings must be affirmed:

  • That God made man in his own image;
  • That man fell from his exalted position by choosing lies and disobedience of his own free will;
  • That the man chosen by God to rule the world in righteousness is Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified by the Romans on a charge made by the Jerusalem priests, of whose unscriptural teachings he warned the people to beware;
  • That by subordinating the will of his own flesh and embodying all those values and principles required of man by the Creator, Jesus has restored man to his position as it existed in the beginning;
  • That by this atonement, he has made it possible for men and women who emulate his righteousness to become sons and daughters of God;
  • Those who do not desire to do so are still sons and daughters of Adam and must carry Adam's burden of death.


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