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Lenten Leaven

Antichrist Unmasked!

The Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church has finally identified the Antichrist...and it sounds suspiciously like the writer of the Gospel of John.

The perspective afforded by time and hindsight allowed John to grasp that what had occurred in Jerusalem could be viewed with a breadth and depth which had implications for all humanity, for all time...that it could be viewed as a collision of fundamental human values unlimited by time and space. Therefore, we see Jesus portrayed as representative of the eternal values of God and the priests portrayed as representative of the eternal values of God's opposition - God as the Father of Truth, Satan as the Father of Lies.

But, according to the cardinal directing the retreat which Benedict XVI is attending:

"the teaching that the great Russian philosopher left us is that Christianity cannot be reduced to a set of values. At the center of being a Christian is, in fact, the personal encounter with Jesus Christ."

Cardinal Biffi's message to retreatants, which drew on the work of Russian philosopher Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov, came during the weeklong Spiritual Exercises being attended by the Pope and members of the Roman Curia.

Quoting the work "Three Dialogues on War, Progress and the End of History," Cardinal Biffi told his listeners that "the Antichrist presents himself as pacifist, ecologist and ecumenist...Days will come in Christianity in which they will try to reduce the salvific event to a mere series of values."

Cardinal Biffi affirmed that:

"...there are relative values, such as solidarity, love of peace and respect for nature. If these become absolute, uprooting or even opposing the proclamation of the event of salvation, then these values become an instigation to idolatry and obstacles on the way of salvation."

"...if Christianity -- on opening itself to the world and dialoguing with all -- dilutes the salvific event, it closes itself to a personal relationship with Jesus and places itself on the side of the Antichrist."

Text of complete article Retreatants Hear of Guises of the Antichrist : Preacher Draws On Work of V.S. Solovyov here.


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