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Millions to lose faith

"...How many people do (you) think someone like Vynette has led away from Jesus? And Mr. McKinght*, [sic] you are a partaker of her evil deeds. Have you no conscience even about letting the most blatant and obvious heresies go unchallenged and even blocked?...

...Your well meaning attempt to get people to think has become a conduit for the evil one. Do you care?...

...I do not wish to pick a fight, neither do I wish to be melodramatic, but the core of the faith is at stake and the faith of probably millions will now be affected..."

I never imagined it...millions...well, that's acccording to "A Warning to Emergent Blogs"!

* Apologies to Scot McKnight of the Jesus Creed who has been inadvertently caught up in this furore because he is open-minded enough to allow persons such as myself to have their say.


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