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November 06, 2006



Actually, without getting into the details/pros/cons of traditional theology but just your comments in the last paragraph ...


* When Jesus portrays himself as the door, and as the way, and when Paul portrays Jesus as the mediator -- the points is that he's the bridge between God and man. He's what allows us to become Sons of God just as he is, and to be restored to fellowship with God. Jesus' ability to bridge the distance between us and God is at risk if you begin denying that he has a foot in both worlds.

Take care & God bless


Do you address Isaiah 9:6? "a child is born ... His name will be called ... mighty God".


Weekend Fisher,

Thank you for your comment.

The Kingdom of God on earth, the 'gospel of the Kingdom', can be established only by universal emulation of the values and principles for which Jesus lived and died.

The unscriptural doctrines of the churches upset the systematic arrangement of the apostle's arguments.

The 'barrier' of which I spoke is not one created by the writers of the New Testament but by theologians. The salient point is: what human could aspire to emulate a virgin-born God or a virgin-born God-man?

Together with the unscriptural doctrine of Original Sin, these teachings have provided a replacement 'cover' for sin. An excuse! Just as the law was an excuse, the 'cover' for sin that Jesus came to remove.


Nedbrek, once again we have a problem with the Hebrew translation into English. Even the verse numberings are at odds.

In my Soncino edition of the Hebrew Scriptures, this passage is actually numbered 9:5. It is translated thus:
"For a child is born unto us,
A son is given to us;
And the government is upon his shoulder;
And his name is called
'Wonderful in counsel is God the Mighty, the Everlasting Father, the Ruler of Peace.'

The child's name embodies all the promises of Isaiah's message to the people.

As you can see, the tense has been changed in our English translations to 'future'. It is actually in the perfect, or completed, tense and refers to Hezekiah, the son of King Ahaz.

But that is not to say that the verse is not 'messianic'. As we have already discovered, Matthew presented Jesus as the microcosm of the macrocosm - a 'corporate' Israelite. As a man who embodied in his individual life, many aspects of his people's history. Matthew quoted Isaiah 7:14 in reference to Jesus even though the verse referred to a young woman in Isaiah's own time.

But even if our English translation were correct, verse 7 tells us that it is YHVH who will perform all this whereas the 'god' of verse 6 is 'el', a generic word for 'god' that is incorporated into scores of Hebrew names, most notably our old friend 'imanu el'.


Vynette, you said "the unscriptural doctrine of Original Sin".

What do you mean by Original Sin?


The 'el' in Isaiah 9:6 can only refer to the one God (I believe it may sometimes used for man-made/imaginary gods). Beth-el is the house of the one God. Imanu-el is the one God with us.

Jesus cannot be a real god (little G). He is either the real, one God, or He is a false god, a blasphemer, and a liar...


Hello Nedbrek,

You said: "Jesus cannot be a real god (little G). He is either the real, one God, or He is a false god, a blasphemer, and a liar..."

I think we have already discussed that the New Testament did not say that Jesus claimed to be God. Therefore, he is neither a false god, a blashphemer, or a liar. People such as yourself have been almost forced into this mindset by the unscriptural doctrines of the churches. There is no conflict at all in the teachings of the New Testament. It is only when the pagan mindsets of the Graeco-Roman church fathers imposed themselves on the Hebrew scriptures that this conflict arose.

As to your question about 'Original Sin' - do you want me to explain the doctrine? If so, I will yet again have to ask for your patience. I will be dealing with this doctrine in depth in future posts.


In my opinion you commit an error. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM.
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