Ratzinger's Jesus
Millions to lose faith

Regina Caeli

Benedict XVI, when reciting the 26 November midday Angelus with several thousand people gathered in St. Peter's Square, made reference to the 'Queen of Heaven':

"...The Virgin Mary is associated in a very special way to Christ's royalty. God asked her, humble maiden of Nazareth, to become the Mother of the Messiah, and Mary corresponded to this call with her whole being, uniting her unconditional "yes" to that of her Son, Jesus, becoming with him obedient to the point of sacrifice. Because of this, God exalted her above all creatures and Christ crowned her Queen of Heaven and earth. We entrust the Church and the whole of humanity to her intercession, so that the love of God might reign in all hearts and his plan of justice and peace be fulfilled..." Full text...

Aside from the fact that the false doctrine of 'virgin birth' very subtly destroys every principle for which Jesus of Nazareth lived and died, the pope's reference to the 'Queen of Heaven' reminds us that the Catholic Church is placed firmly in the camp of those ancient Hebrews and surrounding peoples who were seduced into worshipping the 'Queen of Heaven' under her various names of Ishtar, Isis, Ashtaroth, etcetera...

Judges 2:11-13

"And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the YHVH, and served Baalim: And they forsook the YHVH God of their fathers, which brought them out of the land of Egypt, and followed other gods, of the gods of the people that were round about them, and bowed themselves unto them, and provoked the YHVH to anger. And they forsook the YHVH, and served Baal and Ashtaroth."

Judges 10:6

"And the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the YHVH, and served Baalim, and Ashtaroth, and the gods of Syria, and the gods of Zidon, and the gods of Moab, and the gods of the children of Ammon, and the gods of the Philistines, and forsook the YHVH, and served not him.

Jeremiah 44:16-18

"As for the word that thou hast spoken unto us in the name of the YHVH, we will not hearken unto thee. But we will certainly do whatsoever thing goeth forth out of our own mouth, to burn incense unto the Queen of Heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto her, as we have done, we, and our fathers, our kings, and our princes, in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem: for then had we plenty of victuals, and were well, and saw no evil. But since we left off to burn incense to the Queen of Heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto her, we have wanted all things, and have been consumed by the sword and by the famine..."

etcetera, etcetera...

Yet, despite all this:

From the Encyclical of Pope Pius XII on proclaiming the Queenship of Mary in 1954 :

"Venerable Brethren, Health and Apostolic Blessing. From the earliest ages of the catholic church a Christian people, whether in time of triumph or more especially in time of crisis, has addressed prayers of petition and hymns of praise and veneration to the Queen of Heaven.

And never has that hope wavered which they placed in the Mother of the Divine King, Jesus Christ; nor has that faith ever failed by which we are taught that Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, reigns with a mother's solicitude over the entire world, just as she is crowned in heavenly blessedness with the glory of a Queen..." AD CAELI REGINAM 

November 26 ended on a another 'Marian' note with the world premiere of the film "The Nativity Story" being held in the Vatican. To receive its first audience in this august environment presupposes that the film must have agreed very well with the Vatican's preposterous and unscriptural doctrines about Mary and Jesus. Of course the 'authority' by which the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic church propounds these doctrines is through its claim of  'Apostolic Succession.' 

Perhaps we will subject this claim to a thorough examination in future posts.


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