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November 25, 2006


Scott Merrithew

"In the beginning was the Word ... with God ... was God ... was made flesh and dwelt among us".
Very clearly scripture establishes, in the synoptic gospels, that Jesus was God before he was made flesh, and therefore, before he was crucified. It is no surprise to me that Paul agrees, but using the passage in Philippians to support your claim that Jesus emptied himself only as a man, is careless. It certainly does nothing to support your criticism of Pope Ratzinger.


Scott, thank you for your comment.

Nowhere in the New Testament is it claimed that Jesus of Nazareth was anything other than a normal man born in the normal fashion. This is a demonstrable fact.

Aside from the long-standing scholarly debates about whether the text should read 'the Word was God' or 'the Word was divine', to use John 1:1 as a proof of the 'divinity' of Jesus is to disregard the similar words in 1 John 1:1 where the 'Word' is identified as the Word of Eternal Life. The implications are self-evident - it is the 'word of eternal life' that existed from the beginning. Jesus is the personification of God's 'Word' existing from the beginning in precisely the same fashion as Solomon was regarded as the personification of God's 'Wisdom', existing from the beginning. (Proverbs 8)

John gives the spiritual presentation of Jesus that the other gospels lack and, unfortunately, it is from a banal interpretation of these spiritual words that doctrines such as 'pre-existence' came into being.

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