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Whither the Spirit?

scottblasco of New Mus(ings)ic posted an entry about this site here entitled 'The Root of Heresy'. I posted a comment, to which he responded, to which I responded, and so on...

In one of his comments, Scott said -

"In short, you haven’t actually answered any of the difficulties put to you about your own view of Scripture. From whence its provenance, authority, and correct interpretation?"

My response -

"The sobering reality is that the founder of Christianity was challenged in the very same manner with the very same questions.

The disciples had to choose between the teachings, authority and weight of tradition represented by the priestly establishment, and the weight of moral authority represented by the values and principles espoused by Jesus.

They chose Jesus and what he represented over the priestly establishment and what it represented. They chose the 'one' over the 'many'.

Allow me to present to you a hypothetical situation.

On the one hand there is my stance:

  • The Holy Spirit guided the writers and the selection of the canon.
  • Scripture should be interpreted by Scripture alone.
  • The 'Divinity', 'Trinity' and 'Virgin Birth' are the products of Graeco-Roman gentile theology and stand in direct contradiction to Hebrew monotheism as expressed in both the Old and New Testaments.

On the other hand, your stance:

  • The Holy Spirit also guided those standing outside of Scripture.
  • Scripture should be interpreted by, in addition to Scripture, 'Apostolic Succession', 'Tradition' and 'Magisterium'.
  • I stand against the 'witness' of 'millions - one against the many.

All we appear to have in common, then, is the witness of Scripture. Now, what if my stance has been guided by the Holy Spirit? How do you choose between me and the many?

Logically, only by applying the same methods as did the disciples. They chose Jesus because their own fundamental set of values were in accord with his and because the witness of  Old Testament Scripture supported their views.

Neither Jesus nor the disciples had the 'numbers.' The 'numbers' argument carries no weight with me for precisely the same reasons as it carried no weight with them.

To sum up:
The disciples had only the Old Testament Scriptures to guide them. They chose the witness of Scripture over the weight of tradition. I choose to follow their example."


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