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The Beastly Blogger

I’ve lived a fairly long time but it wasn’t until I tentatively dipped the tip of my toe into the blogosphere and began posting on my own blog and commenting on others that the realization came.

I am thoroughly beastly person! One small mercy – I only have eyes to see it and not ears to hear it.

Now don’t get me wrong - I'm not complaining. In fact I welcome the proof that my message causes a great weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth in certain quarters.

Insults have explored the entire gamut - from being directed at me personally all the way up to and including my entire country.

I've been told to shut-up, grow-up, and go to hell. To put down the crack-pipe and get a clue.

I've been alternately cursed at and prayed over.

I've been called a revisionist leftie, an insignificant little woman, an object of absolute revulsion, and just plain silly.

I’m full of pride in the glory of my own thoughts, and I render cheap those who have given their lives for the faith. I grieve the Holy Spirit. I not only promote the spirit of Antichrist but in fact I AM the Antichrist!

I’m a heretic, a heresy-peddler, and a slanderer of our Lord and Saviour;
An unbeliever, a Gnostic, and a Mormon;
A partaker of evil deeds, a Jehovah's Witness, a Dan Brown lover, and a liar;
A Zionist, and a Zionist camp follower;
An Israeli Foreign Ministry mouthpiece, and an Islamist;
A conspiracy theorist, a self-proclaimed expert, and a nut job;
A spammer, a thread-hijacker, and a troll. 

Others have been told to mark me, avoid me, and judge me. Indeed a desire was once expressed to vomit on me.

But wait...there's more...

My posts have been described as heretical and dangerous, small-minded, deceptive, and whacky; as cartoonish, emotional pornography, vomitorious, and unbelievably arrogant; as ludicrous and simplistic, full of pseudo-arguments and hackneyed 19th century canards.

I promote blatant Arianism, Gnosticism, Nestorianism and Unitarianism. I spew heresy and hissss… [as in serpent I guess].

Even though I don’t really object to any of the foregoing, I truly must protest the following deplorable evidence of our schools' continuing lack of attention to the teaching of proper punctuation...

"an Aussie anti-Trinitarian Dan Brownish type conspiracy theory self proclaimed expert nut job".

Can any good come out of Galilee...oops…I meant any former outpost of empire?



The interesting thing is, when I read this list of what other people have called you, it makes me think they are the beastly ones, not you!

I also find it fascinating how they consider themselves entitled to try to persuade others of their beliefs; yet if you do that, they call you names.

If you aren't calling them names in return then it seems clear to me who is doing a better job of following Jesus...


Thanks for the kind sentiments Helen. It is indeed unfortunate that some are so terribly wounded by what I say.


I regard the vituperation directed towards Vynette an obsenity especially as many of her detractors claim to be "God-fearing Christians". However the resort to adhominid argument is used by those who are unable or incapable of presenting a viable alternative argument to that with which they have been confronted.
I am reminded of the saying by Schopenhaur "Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognised. In the first, it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident".
Unfortunately in many cases it is not Vynette's arguments which are opposed but directed towards her personally. Vynette's arguments will assuredly be opposed by those who have a vested interest in maintaining the staus quo but I have no doubt that her arguments will one day be regarded as "Self-evident" and those who attempt to maintain unscriptual pagnised dogma and doctrine will have to actually confront the isssues presented by Vynette and not hide behind a barrage of vitriol masquerading as intelligent rebuttal.

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