Trinity Trifles
Whither the Spirit?

Great Expectations

Before proceeding to a point-by-point analysis of the Trinity doctrine, it is vital to have a clear 1st Century AD understanding of the Israelite mindset regarding their God and their longed-for Messiah.

In future posts we will clarify for ourselves just what the Israelites understood the role of the Messiah to be. We will construct a mental framework of 'messianic' expectations similar to that existing in the minds of Jesus and his contemporaries.

The possession of this framework of principles by which we can more thoroughly understand the concepts underlying the words of the New Testament writers will not destroy faith in Jesus as the Messiah, but will destroy faith in the complex of theological absurdities created by the Christian churches.

I concur with Paul that, if necessary, "...let God be found true and every man a liar."


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