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I posted the following comment on Jihad Watch and it unleashed a storm of protest. Readers may be interested in following the backlash:

"Pope Benedict XVI's Orwellian Address at the University of Regensburg has provoked, amongst other things, a storm of gullibility.

  • In an address purporting to invite dialogue between cultures is embedded a cynical guarantee that there will be no dialogue.
  • In an address purporting to be about the evils of 'religious violence' is embedded a pricking goad towards more 'religious violence'.
  • In an address purporting to promote harmony between faith and reason are embedded words specifically intended to incite faith without reason.

Is the journalistic world indeed so naive as to believe that the Pope, as beneficiary of the millenial experience of the finest statesmen and strategists the earth will ever see, did not know exactly what he was doing?

Are they so naive as not to recognise that every word is meticulously weighed and measured for short and long-term efficacy before issuing from the mouth of the 'Vicar of Christ' on earth. Loose words do not fly in the Vatican's corridors of power.

In the full knowledge of the Vatican's own long and less-than-salubrious history, the Pope guilelessly draws attention to Islamic religious violence and pretends not to have realised that this self-righteous arrogance and hypocrisy would cause Muslim outrage. Of course, one can always 'apologise' later, knowing full well that nothing can erase a single word from the minds of those to whom it was directed.

What is the strategy being employed here - the endgame? What has happened to the Vatican's 'one big happy family' policy approach to Islam? Indeed, one could be cynical enough to conclude that the past encouragement of the Muslim flooding of Europe was just a ruse to destablise and provoke conflict to the stage where the Pope could step in as Saviour of Western Europe. One could be even more cynical and conclude that, given his Western European heritage and his notorious intractability, Pope Benedict XV1 was chosen for that precise purpose."

We shall see...we may also see what all this has to do with the Trinity.

UPDATE: It might be informative to readers to post relevant parts of my responses to JihadWatch commentors:

"Within months of John Paul II's 1979 visit to Poland, during which he called upon Poles to "recognize evil", we witnessed riots by Polish workers, the rise of Solidarity, and the spread of anti-communist protests throughout eastern Europe.

So, then, you all think this is a co-incidence? A Pole, an avowed hater of communism, just happens to get elected Pope and voila...riots in Poland...the end of Communism?

"...As for what's been going on in Europe - you all must surely know that Pope John Paul II advocated the ecumenical embrace of Islam and, just as in Australia, the churches were in the forefront of stifling any sort of debate about Muslim immigration. It was always the same issue - human rights.

Now, a different Pope for a different agenda - the reclamation of Europe. A complete about-face and nobody notices?


...What I am totally against, however, is hypocrisy, subterfuge, manipulation, and hidden agendas.

All the Christian churches, not just the Catholic Church, have promoted wholesale Muslim immigration into Europe and Australia. They have captured the moral high ground, stifled debate, manipulated the media, pressured governments to pass legislation about 'religious hatred', and shown absolutely no Christian charity to anyone prepared to take a stand against them. Opponents have been pilloried in the media and called 'indecent' and 'immoral' and 'unchristian' and 'unAustralian' and many other nasty names.

It's a bit hard to stomach when the prime movers now take a back-flip and don't acknowledge their responsibility for creating the mess in the first place.

Oh...talking about nasty names...when one has been called THE ANTICHRIST, anything else falls a little flat."


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