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As we discovered in Luke's Testimony : Part 1, Luke identified Mary as a Levite.

We have already learned in Write this Man Childless that Joseph was descended from King David through a line debarred forever from any claim on David's throne.

A knowledge of this genealogical background is critical to an understanding of the most misused and abused question in scripture.

When Gabriel told Mary of the future greatness of her son-to-be, especially that "the Lord God would give him the throne of his father David...", the question that immediately leapt to Mary's mind was...

"How can this be seeing I don't know a man?" 

That's right...Mary did not know a man who could father a child entitled by birth to sit on David's throne...who was not 'disinherited', as was Joseph.

Astonishing isn't it? So simple. Yet so much wasted effort, so much wasted time, so many gallons of ink and forests of paper.

And what was Gabriel's response to Mary's question?

Continued in Luke's Testimony Part 4...



I don't think Mary is a Levite.

Elisabeth is a Levite. Elisabeth is Mary's cousin. Mary's father could easily be of Davidic descent. Jesus' grandfather, Heli appears to be of Davidic descent in Luke's genealogy (3:31).



Everyone who ascribes to the doctrine of Virgin-Birth is obliged to deny what Luke plainly states. Otherwise, there is no Davidic descent for Jesus and, as we both know, that would create a profound theological problem.

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