Isaiah and the young woman
Matthew and the young woman

Of hair-splits and dummy-spits

It was a sore point with the establishment in Jerusalem that Jesus was not one of the select community of scholars - it has been a sore point with scholars ever since. They have managed, nevertheless, to divorce Jesus from the commonality and to make him their own special and private property.

During the last fifty years or so, thousands of clergy and scholars have been made aware of the facts presented here.

I welcome all my readers and have never blocked comments. Nor shall I. Some commenters, however, on this blog and other blogs where I post, have attempted to deflect attention from the real issues by introducing theological hair-splitting, 'scholarly' finessing, and arguments ad hominem.

In future, I won't attempt to rebut those who 'wrest my words' but will let them 'go through to the keeper' so to speak. Readers - judge for yourselves!



Well, if you won't be defending the core of your thesis, it only seems appropriate to also let the thesis go through to the keeper, so I bid you adieu. (That idiom was new to me, but it seems apropos for the 9th.)

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