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June 20, 2006



Vynette, you are getting wackier and wackier. Have you ever considered auditioning for Last Comic Standing?

How about Ps 139:13-16. Did the Holy Spirit conceive us all? There's a big difference between recognizing God's omnipotence over human development, and saying that the Holy Spirit fathered a child, and the Bible is transparently clear about it, despite how you may attempt to muddle the issue.

If you want to get into an amateur-Greek-fight, let's get it on! Mat 1:20 says "That which is gennao in her is of the Holy Ghost". Gennao is the same word used dozens of times already in the Mat 1 Geneaology as 'begat'.

Fetus-John and Elizabeth are described with a totally different phrase: "filled (pletho) with the Holy Ghost", not 'of' the Holy Ghost.

BTW, what ever happened to my first comment on 'Virgin Birth: Matthew and the Young Woman'? I posted it before Greeks and Gifts, but it never showed up.

Peter Kirk

Vynette, you cannot use Matthew 1:18 to argue that "the 'Holy Spirit' does not refer to the manner of conception but to 'that which is conceived in her.'" That is abundantly clear when you look at the Greek - for in this verse there is no mention of the child! A literal translation is "...she was found having in stomach from Holy Spirit". "Having in stomach" is a normal Greek way of saying "pregnant". So a better translation is "she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit" (TNIV). In this verse, it is completely clear from the Greek that the Holy Spirit relates to the pregnancy and not to the child.


Vynette, again I must also lean to Matt 1:18 the child belongs to the holy spirit. Luke 1:35 tells us that the child came to exist because of the holy spirits overshadowing.

"A consistent theme of the Old Testament is that the Spirit of God is the agent of EVERY human birth." - Where is this consistent theme?

Your quote of Jeremiah says nothing of God's spirit being over him. To be filled with the holy spirit (John the Baptist, Elizabeth) is much different than "being with child belonging to the holy spirit". "Of" is possessive of the holy spirit. You can't deny that.

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