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Matthew's Testimony : Part 5

Matthew's Testimony : Part 4

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Point 6 : The child was not named 'Immanuel'
The  Hebrew name 'Immanuel' has no special significance (see Judges 6:12-13). 

Many Hebrew names were possessed of like signification... 'Immanuel' (God is with us), 'Boel' (God is in him), 'Abijah' (YHWH is my father), 'Zebadiah' (Gift of YHWH), 'Ahijah' (brother of YHWH), 'Elijah' (my God is YHWH)...

Just for interest...'Satanael' (Adversary of God).

In any case, Mary and Joseph did not name the child Immanuel, but Jesus. The child Immanuel, born as the primary fulfiment of the 'sign' is addressed in Isaiah 8:8.



Scott McKnight in previous comments handled Isaiah's prophecy fairly well as it concerns Jesus. I will agree Jesus was not the primary fulfillment

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