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June 05, 2006



This list is almost exclusively of instances where Jesus claims to be divine (though that list is incomplete, e.g., "I and the Father are One" which is useful for the trinity discussion). For those playing along at home, I say "almost exclusively" as I assume that the attempted stonings of Jesus after some of those lines whereby the audience clearly interpreted Jesus as claiming divinity must also be addressed.

Specifically, this list leaves out several prominent instances in the Bible where others call Jesus divine, e.g., "My Lord and my God" by Thomas. And the ones I find most conspicuous in their absence (based on the thesis that the Bible doesn't claim divinity for Christ) is where God recognizes his Son (baptism) and the temptation in the desert where the Devil does the same.

Further, since the thesis is only considering if the Bible calls Jesus divine (and not if Jesus himself claims divinity for himself, though there's certain difficulties for your thesis with self-claims to divinity in the desert), Revelation also has some fun quotes for the thesis to overcome.

Steve T

Hi, Vynette -

'Finally getting around to tracing back your link from Imago Dei, where I blog. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on the subject.

I think Jody is correct on this; your scope is too narrow, at least from what you've said to date. Jesus' divinity is woven throughout the New Testament, often in ways that are only apparent in light of the Old Testament and Second-Temple Judaism. When we begin to ask the question, 'What does this assessment of the NT author regarding Jesus mean in light of his Jewish mindset?' - that's when the lights go on and the divinity of the Nazarene becomes apparent and, indeed, difficult to avoid.

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