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June 25, 2006



Dear Vynette,

I swear I posted a comment here earlier today. What did I do wrong?

OK. Let me try again. It is a pleasure meeting you here at your own blog. And it is exciting to read your bio: you've accomplished a lot. I am impressed.

Here is what you wrote above:

"The only doctrine preached by Jesus of Nazareth and his disciples was love – love of God and love of fellow humanity. No ‘virgin birth’, no ‘trinity’, no physical God or part thereof, nothing…"

OK. Let me stipulate for the sake of arguing that you are right, that there is neither Virgin Birth nor Trinity. Fine. But now what? What are we left with? Plus, and more importantly, how do you know that Jesus preached nothing but love? How do you know he did not preach anything but hate?

I will return.




Dear Bill

Thanks for your kind sentiments...and welcome.

Even though the posts here are designed to follow a certain sequence, and I had planned to address the 'what next' issue towards the end, it is a matter of grave import you raise so I'll take the opportunity to make some very brief remarks now that may be of value to all readers.

The New Testament proclaims:
that Jesus was the promised King of Israel who had been 'anointed' to rule over the Kingdom of God on earth;

that Jesus of Nazareth, through his character in action and obedience, re-established humanity's value in the eyes of God - a value we held before the 'fall';

that nothwithstanding the false values and false standards of those who crucified him, God had vindicated Jesus by raising him from the dead;

that, henceforth, all humanity could gain citizenship in this Kingdom of God by emulating the example set by Jesus;

that this could be achieved by putting the 'earthly' man to death and raising up the new 'spiritual' man through a self-imposed crucifixion-resurrection.

And the upshot of all this? Those who have chosen to follow Jesus, have faith in the power of God to re-create life from death, and demonstrate that faith by working towards the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth, will also be vindicated and resurrected when that day finally arrives.

Speaking of that 'day', I am ever mindful that the priestly establishment of Jesus' day did not recognise him because of their own false standards and false values. (For example, it was a sore point with scholars that Jesus was not a member of what might be termed 'the academy'.) How, then, would Jesus measure up to the standards set by Christian doctrine if he were to return 'as a thief in the night' right now - today - and confront the Christian Establishment? How would he be identifiable? By qualities unobservable to the eye like whether he had been born to a virgin, or whether he was the third part of the trinity?...or by his character in action and the values and principles he embodied?

I very much fear that some of those who claim to represent him may fall into the very same trap as did the Jewish priesthood. In fact, I wonder if this is not the intent of the two thousand year delay - to demonstrate that the religious establishment has learned nothing from the first warning.(Unlike my former statements that are based on Scripture, this latter is only my personal view.)

As to your final question - I stated in Hoist the Engineer that my evidence would be based solely on the written records so it is axiomatic that statements such as 'the only doctrine preached...." are made on this basis.

Bill, I have had some complaints about comments not showing up and have informed TypePad. I've turned off catchpas in case that is the problem.

in spirit and truth


Greetings Folks,

In regards to the deity of Christ and the doctrine of the Trinity there is plenty of biblical basis for their veracity. I invite you to the following series for further explanation:

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Oops.. looks like the links didn't come through. Sorry about that, you can find all the articles at the following address:


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