"the times they are a'changin"
Warning! Offences Unlimited

Warning! 'Offensive' Material

"The time has come, the Walrus said..."

Certainly, the citizens of the world can no longer afford the luxury of catering to the 'sensibilities' of religious folk.

Read no further if you intend to be 'offended' by references to the Qur'an, Islam, the Prophet...

The position in which ordinary Muslim believers find themselves is not one whit different to that of their Christian counterparts - all have been manipulated and deceived by their leaders; most have studiously avoided thinking for themselves.

Jesus' observation that "the leaders of this people cause them to err..." is just as applicable to Muslims as it is to Christians, to Jews as it is to Hindus, to politics as it is to religion, everywhere, all the time.

Islam claims that the Qur'an is the final revelation from God to humanity. They maintain that the Qur'an is an exact word-for-word copy of tablets which have always existed in heaven.

If a major tenet or 'building block' of this 'exact' copy is proven fraudulent, then the entire edifice will crumble back to earth - where it has always belonged.

to be continued...



YESHUA of Nazareth is given you in his WORD warning that HE is the JUDGE[John 1-8,Acts 17.22-34,Rev.1,19-22].He did not stay in the tomb put by Joseph ,but rose from the dead [Acts 1-9].You mocking ends ,when you behold the HOLY ONE of Israel [Isaiah 45.15-25,John 12-21,Romans 14,1 John 1-5] but this will be not the end .GOD will not be mocked you sow and reap.Repent why you have some sanity and end not up like Nitschke etc.

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