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Dan Brown, quite unwittingly I'm sure, has done us a great service - he has made known to the general population the existence of certain 'stories' about Jesus.

The Qur'an's portrayal of the 'Virgin Mary' and Brown's Da Vinci Code share a common genesis and will eventually meet up at the same destination.

How can this be? Well...a couple of millenia or so, ago, a thirst to know more about Jesus than the gospels revealed gave rise to the concoction of various 'fables'.

These 'fables' were tailored specifically to resonate with certain audiences and to meet perceived needs and prevailing 'expectations'. Naturally therefore, they were riddled with historical and other errors.

The Da Vinci Code and part of the Qur'an's 'Virgin Mary' story borrowed material from this 'fabled' library and, living up to time-honoured tradition, tailored their own 'fables' to resonate with certain audiences and to meet perceived needs and prevailing 'expectations'. Naturally therefore, they also are riddled with historical and other errors.

Being only a 'lending' library, however, these 'fables' based on 'fables' will eventually be called in by their rightful owner - the great 'fable' library of history.



The Quran did not "borrow", and you have no infallible evidence that it did.


What do you think about the many different version of the Bible with different meanings and context and with the Qur'an there is only 1 in it's pure original form of Arabic.

The original language of the Bible isn't used today, while the original Arabic used in the Qur'an is used today and spoken and read by many including myself.

With that said, I believe the Qur'an is miracle by itself in that it has been un-changed for 1,428 years since revealed from God through Gabriel to Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).



Yes, there have been a proliferation of interpretations and translations of the Bible. My efforts are directed towards uncovering the original Hebrew thought patterns underlying the Greek of the New Testament. I know a little of the Hebrew language and culture so this proves of great value.

I know nothing of Arabic and nothing about the transmission of the text of the Qur'an. You obviously have the expertise in that area.

My argument with the Qur'an is not with the purity of the text, as I know nothing about it. My argument doesn't revolve around language. It is basically the same as my argument against organised Christendom's interpretation of the New Testament - the doctrine of the Virgin Birth.

I have often said that, if not for the doctrine of the VB, I would find myself much more in agreement with the Muslim perception of God than with organised Christendom's view of God.

The major thrust of my writings is that most doctrines of Christianity are not based on the New Testament but on the writings of the Graeco-Roman church fathers.

Thanks for your comment.

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