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May 15, 2006


Melanie Stefine

This is an important message for you. Please read and pass it along. I have a message to tell you
about Revelation. The message is from God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost respectively sent in the Spring of 2006. It is about the meaning of First is Last and Last is First . The message is this:

In the morning I go to Heaven. In the afternoon I live my life. In the evening I die, death. What
does this mean? In other words this means Birth is Last and Last is Birth. To understand this don't
think from point A to point B. Think of this as a continuous circle of life. Birth, Life, Death, Birth.
God also said that Judgment will be before Birth in Heaven. AS birth on Earth is painful so will
birth in Heaven. It is possible that this message was delivered by one of God's Angels. Yes, God
has recently made contact and he sent a messenger. Spread this message along, just like a chain
letter. OH, one more thing of interest. Did you know that Mike Douglas Died on his Birthday?
Melanie Stephan

Melanie Stefine

In the Spring of 2006 Jesus returned in spirit. Everyone will see his message on the Internet. You are one of the first 1000 to recieve it.

Melanie Stefine

The Messiah has returned.

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