In the time of Yeshua Hanotzri
Accusations and Slanders

The Opposition Parties

It is possible to identify three main groups forming the 'opposition' to Yeshua Hanotzri.

The Establishment: Composed of priests, lawyers and scribes. These had a monopoly on education and controlled channels of information through the orthodoxy of the synagogues. This political-priestly junta had gradually cemented itself into power during the 200 year period since the revolt against Syria and the Maccabbean Wars.

The Respectable citizens: These held the tokens of respectability of more account than personal commitment to moral issues. Better to let sleeping dogs lie and leave decisions to 'the authorities'. In the moment of decision, they embraced 'respectability' and rejected 'right'.

The mob: To the mob, 'might is right'. The three essential characteristics of the mob are: an uncritical acceptance of information fed to it; an inability to reason; and violent imposition of its will upon others. It can direct its anger 'downwards' towards non-conformists, or 'upwards' against established authority. When supported by the state, the mob rules. Its attitude to Yeshua reflected the three essential mob characteristics.

Coming up: The Opposition's Accusations against Yeshua


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