Of Doctrines and Deceptions
The Opposition Parties

In the time of Yeshua Hanotzri

In the Roman province of Judea, the inhabitants reckoned the passage of time according to the Roman calendar.

For instance, Herod became King of Judea around 713 AUC ("ab urbe condita" - from the foundation of the city of Rome).

And so it was that around 750 AUC, Yeshua "was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king." (Matt. 2:1).

Around the year 783 AUC, Yeshua, an itinerant preacher from the country, appeared in the Temple area in Jerusalem.

Joseph Caiaphas was the Jewish high priest, Pontius Pilate was the Roman procurator, and Tiberias Caesar, successor to Augustus, ruled in Rome.

Each day this preacher, Yeshua Hanotzri, addressed the crowds where they gathered in the Temple precincts - there was unlimited freedom of speech in the Jerusalem of the Roman period.

Attitudes towards Yeshua polarised rapidly - his reputation had preceded him.

His supporters saw him as the 'ideal' Israelite, as the man destined to save the nation, as a man who projected the values of God into society.

To some, however, he was seen as a troublemaker who drew support from the 'lower 'classes, a man bent on overturning accepted values, a blasphemous lawbreaker and companion of 'undesirables'.

A conflict of values developed...

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