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The Qur'an and Da Code

A Final Warning For The Curious

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Because Muhammad is proclaimed to be the natural heir to both the Old and New Testaments - the 'Last Messenger' - the compilers of the Qur'an had to make him acceptable to both Jews and Christians...

The Jews would never be weaned from monotheism so 'there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet' became THE fundamental tenet of Islam.

But how to get the Christians onside? Well...adopt the revered Mary, the 'virgin' mother, for their own!

So, heedless of centuries of separation in time, redactors chose snippets from everywhere - from The Talmud, the Old Testament, various Jewish folktales, and Christian fables such as the "Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus Christ" and the "Gospel of Thomas the Israelite" and created a simply marvellous concoction that brings to mind, even more than the Christian version, my favourite observation - "He that sits in the heavens will laugh, the Lord will have them in derision..." (Psalm 2:4)

Curioser and Curioser
Probably unknown to a large portion of Christianity is that the 'revelations' from Allah were supposedly passed to the prophet through the very same messenger who, according to the New Testament, visited the 'virgin' Mary in Nazareth...yes...the Archangel Gabriel!

to be continued...


Dennis L Hitzeman

This is an interesting evaluation on Islam, and one I know to be correct. I look forward to reading it in its entirety.


Abu Noor al-Irlandee

Obviously this whole line of argument is blasphemous and ridiculous to a believing Muslim such as myself, but putting that to the side for a moment....

If the purpose of the Qur'an was to be acceptable to Jews and Christians why did it make so many statements that the Jews found objectionable and why did it flatly and absolutely reject the centrel tenet of Christianity by that time, the Trinity, as idolatry of the worst kind?

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