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The theocratic age...the aristocratic age...the democratic age...and now a new but ages-old tyranny looms ever closer. The history of humanity is cycling back - back to the beginning.

The intention of this blog is to dig away, undermine, nibble at the very foundation stones of this new 'theocracy'!

A challenge to the and Domeoftherockwithhalo__1


  • The only doctrine preached by and his disciples was love
  • The mainstream Christian doctrines of the Virgin Birth, The Miraculous Incarnation and the Trinity are demonstrably false
  • The 'virgin' birth of Jesus, a central dogma of the , is also demonstrably false thereby calling into question its supposed authorship by the God of 'Truth'.

I invite comments on the propositions listed above.


Richard Hall

What is the Christian doctrine of 'virginity'? I've never heard of it. 'Divinity' neither...


Richard Hall. Calling Richard Hall.

Exactly which christian denomination do you belong to that you have "never heard" the term "Virgin Birth", and "Son of God" mentioned?

Just askin'.


Why not Judaism?

Or, for that matter, religions that believe in reincarnation?

James Ox

To Wayfarer,
It maybe because Christianity and Islam effect us more directly.
Christianity runs our lives without most people being aware of it. It seeps in everywhere, the press, government, starts countless wars in the name of peace, is hypocritical, sanctimonious, and selfrighteous.
The dangers of the appalling ignorance of Islam are quite obvious.
You have to start somewhere and maybe the most offensive should be first?

Alan Green

Hiya. Since you asked:

1. Not on my reading of the gospels.
2. I'm assuming here that you're writing about the virgin birth of Jesus, his divinity, and his place in the godhead. I have orthodox Christian views on these, but look forward to reading your demonstrations.
3. See #2 above.


There is a fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam.

Islam offers nothing new - it is rigid and cannot tolerate any doubt - as Mo couldnĀ“t. Islam is a perverted form of what Moses taught. It is fatalistic boiled down to one word: Inshallah. It divides the world between itself and the other.

Christianity - protestantism - teaches that you are responsible for your life and that you should live your life and that your actions matter. You have a free will and can act bad or good.
Christianity seeks the truth.

Love God.
Love thy neighbour as you love yourself.
No more no less.

Jack Rich

It's unclear what "theocracy" you refer to, as regards Christian churches.

I thought that the Reformation answered the question, "should the church and state be separate?" with a resounding "YES!"

But then, I'm a Baptist, and we're especially keen on such separation.

Now, one may label a government that is moral, just, and merciful as a theocracy. But in its common usage, a thoecracy would be a government that is ruled directly in the name of God, or controlled by those who claim divine favor.

Yes, I know, there are nut cases who do make such claims...but they are not in charge of any (majority) Christian nation.

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