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Richard Hall of theconnexion.net asks " What is the Christian doctrine of 'virginity'? I've never heard of it. 'Divinity' neither..."

I assumed that my use of the terms 'virginity', 'divinity' and 'trinity'  would, to Christians, convey and encompass the entire theological apparatus of the Churches, regardless of denomination. I expect that Richard already knows the answer but, nevertheless, I'll state my case plainly:

'virginity' - The Miraculous Incarnation (Virgin Birth of Jesus through Mary) - idea first introduced by Ignatius around 110-117 AD.

'trinity' - The Trinity (The teaching that one God can take on any of three forms - God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit.The first creed in which it appears is that of Gregory Thaumaturgus in his work of 270 AD.

'divinity' - Every denomination in Christendom is united in claiming that Jesus was not a normal man, hence my use of the term 'divinity'. Their points of difference are mere academic finessing.


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